1)  For every 100 patents issued, 5 of those products will actually go public. That’s just 5%. You can increase the percentage a bit by teaming up with a seasoned inventor who’s built solid connections with years of honest hard work, one who can begin making  phone calls for you and target people they have […]

The Perfect Sting, How They Stole 10,000.00 From Me

As promised, I am following up on my last blog entry to discuss a bit more the theft of 10,000.00 from me by a trusted Invention Help Company. Again, this was pre-internet days, so a lot of business was done on trust. I did as much research on this company as I could and the slick […]

Marketing Company Took Me For Ten Grand

So, back in the days of pre internet, pre cell phones,  we really didn’t have a lot of options as young inventors. I had three chemical products that I test marketed on my own to reassure myself that the claims I was about to make would withstand any testing they’d be subjected to in the […]