1)  For every 100 patents issued, 5 of those products will actually go public. That’s just 5%. You can increase the percentage a bit by teaming up with a seasoned inventor who’s built solid connections with years of honest hard work, one who can begin making  phone calls for you and target people they have […]

Living In Other Inventors Worlds

  I knew after my initial adventure into the world of Invention Help Companies that there was a need for someone to reach inventors prior to them paying these vultures thousands of dollars to do what they could possibly accomplish themselves or find help at a more inventor friendly rate. I began my adventure into […]

Moving On Helping Inventors

   Ive been blessed with so many positives since my early introduction into the world of inventions, inventing and inventing help companies. I’ve taught myself the secrets of the Invention World, where the big players who  prey on inventors rule with advertising dollars and slick campaigns. I’ve stuck to the premise that being honest, blue-collar […]

The Perfect Sting, How They Stole 10,000.00 From Me

As promised, I am following up on my last blog entry to discuss a bit more the theft of 10,000.00 from me by a trusted Invention Help Company. Again, this was pre-internet days, so a lot of business was done on trust. I did as much research on this company as I could and the slick […]

Marketing Company Took Me For Ten Grand

So, back in the days of pre internet, pre cell phones,  we really didn’t have a lot of options as young inventors. I had three chemical products that I test marketed on my own to reassure myself that the claims I was about to make would withstand any testing they’d be subjected to in the […]

The Inventor Hobo, Riding The Rails

His name was Reuben Lindstrom, I gave him a brief introduction in my first blog with promises to continue your introduction to him in upcoming blogs. Reuben was a fixture in Wisconsin Rapids and most knew him as a hobo recluse and nothing more.  He actually was an inventor with a published patent for a […]